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On-Demand Location-based
On-Demand Location

Take a plunge into relaxation with On-Demand Location based massage. Minimize issues and travel time, while maximizing comfort and relaxation in your home, office, hotel, or event. You pick the place, and we'll bring the treatments. 

*All On-Demand massage must be booked by phone only. 

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drift into relaxation bliss

Restore balance and energize the body with this relaxing massage. Sink into the kneading and rolling of all muscles while improving circulation, increasing range of motion, and relaxing the nervous system. Be sure to peace out after this.

60min.- $115

75min.- $135


2 hour- $205


Swedish Massage

The Stress Reducer

Stress, muscle soreness, pain? Deep tissue could be your solution. Rejuvenate and realign the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue with deep tissue. Increase movement, reduce tension, and restore muscles.  

60 min.- $115

75 min.- $135

90 min.- $150

2 hour- $205

Deep Tissue Massage 
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Mommy love found here

Just what the doctor ordered for an expecting mother. This massage is like a Swedish massage, while aiming to relax tense muscles and sore spots caused by pregnancy. * Maternity massage is allowed after the first trimester. Please consult with your physician if you are high risk.  


60 min.- $115

90 min.- $150

Maternity Massage

Mix it up a little 

 Did you say mix it up? Therapeutic massage mixes a variety of modalities to help relieve pain and mobilize soft tissue to restore normal functional use. Revitalize the body with not just one, but multiple therapies mixed into one. 

60 min.- $125

90 min.- $170

Therapeutic Massage
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Turning up the heat 

Feel the heat…this stone massage uses heated basalt stone with a blend between Swedish and Deep tissue massage to relax tense muscles.   


60 min.- $125

90 min.- $170

Hot Stone Massage 
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Peace of Mind 

Reiki means universal life energy. It is believed, the energy flows within the body and when stimulated can clean up physical, mental, or emotional issues. Reiki aids the body’s natural self healing properties while treating the cause of any imbalances. Leave with a peace of mind after this energy and massage combo. 

60 min.- $125

90 min.- $170

Reiki Massage 

Post-Op Care 

Lymphatic drainage uses light and gentle techniques aiming to redirect fluid from swollen areas back to a normal circulatory flow. 

Lymphatic drainage massage (LDM) is commonly used to recover after surgery from liposuction, tummy tucks, BBL, and smart lipo. LDM is recommended after to reduce swelling, smooth out any bumpiness, and reduce the risk of seromas (serum fluid under the skin). 

It is important to know that one treatment is not enough. For best results, a series of treatments is recommended (varies per situation). 


*Treatments are traditional sold in packages. Call for more information and pricing.

Lymphatic Drainage 

Want to add more to your massage?

Check out our Add-Ons

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